Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Someone on the boat: three versions honeymoon Peskov – RBC

The opposition leader Alexei Navalny claims to have found new evidence that the family of President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov at least a few days ago was on the yacht, the cost of the weekly rent is more than the annual income of an official. Who suspected yacht is about Sardinia, a spokesman for the president said at the Sicily, and a family friend, a politician Oleg Mitvol, says that on the very yacht floating notorious lawyer Dmitry Jakubowski.

version Navalny

The fact that the president’s press secretary holds a honeymoon on a luxury yacht off the coast of Sardinia, wrote in his blog on August 17 opposition leader Alexei Navalny. He referred to a “reliable source” who said that Dmitry Peskov and his wife, Olympic champion Tatiana Navka, spend their holidays with friends and children in a rented yacht Maltese Falcon. Weekly rent this yacht worth 26 million rubles., Or three annual salaries spokesperson, cited estimates of Navalny.

As proof of his words brought Bulk source screenshots yacht tracking service, which tracked the movement of the ship. According to the tracking, said the yacht was in the area of ​​Taormina, Sicily (Italy), sailed through the Strait of Messina, went to Naples and was on the island of Sardinia (or, conversely, the same route was from Sardinia to Sicily). The evidence that the official and family vacationing athlete is on this boat, Navalny also showed photos of her daughter Navka Instagram, where she poses in a robe embroidered with the name of the boat (the photo was taken a week ago). On another photo of Alexander Zhulin left geotag beach in Sardinia (photo taken two days ago). The opposition leader has made other photographic evidence: in particular, a card from the blog the former prefect of the Northern Administrative District Oleg Mitvol, in which he posted a photo of yachts that were simultaneously with the Maltese Falcon at certain points in these days.

Peskov version

The very Peskov commented RBC opposition charges: according to him, he is resting in Sicily and rent a yacht. “Rent a hotel,” – he said. On the night of 17 August 18 a photo supposedly of his back and the back Peskov in his Instagram released Tatiana Navka. In the photo put geotag Taormina, Sicily. Judging by the screenshots tracker of yachts, given Navalny previously said the yacht was on Taormine.17 evening of August and 18 August in the morning tracker showed that the boat is off the coast of Sardinia.

On Tuesday morning Bulk noticed that after scandal daughter Navka delete all the marks on the location of your blog. He also cited the evidence photos from Instagram Peskov daughter Elizabeth. The interior, which made a picture of a girl similar to the interior design of yachts under discussion, says opposition. Places where the pictures were taken, correspond to the route the yacht Maltese Falcon, have opposition.

version Mitvol

For honor Spokesperson stood ex-prefect SVAO Oleg Mitvol. He justified Peskov, and the last time during the scandal with unreasonably expensive watches, which were photographed on a hand press secretary of the president during the wedding: Mitvol then argued that the clock Sands borrowed from one of the guests to create a PR effect of the wedding. This version was later denied he Peskov, stating that the watch he gave Tatiana Navka.

Now, Mitvol explained that on a luxury yacht Maltese Falcon is actually vacationing not sand, entrepreneur and lawyer Dmitry Jakubowski. According to Mitvol, Jakubowski, ranking among the richest people in Switzerland, spending time with family and friends, including myself Mitvol. As proof of his words Mitvol posted photos taken, he argues, August 17. The photo Jakubowski and Friends T-shirts embroidered with the name of the boat.

Dmitry Jakubowski, known by the nickname General Dima (for allegedly usurping the rank of general), became famous during the work in the 90 years of government and legal advisor of various departments. He said that he has “11 suitcases of compromising” on the entire government, putting forward the charges against Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Rutskoi, allegedly associated with Swiss banks. General Prosecutor’s Office acknowledged the accusations slander and received from Jakubowski fake bank statement. Jakubowski was filmed by Boris Yeltsin from all their posts.

In 1994, five years in prison he received Jakubowski, he was found guilty of stealing the manuscript from the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg and was sentenced to five years in prison. After his release, the lawyer defending the interests of the wife of ex-mayor of St. Petersburg Lyudmila Narusova represented “Solntsevskaya” group in the cases against Alfa Bank. Since 2007 Jakubowski doing development business, realizing joint projects with “Sistema-Hals” (then part of the structure of AFK “Sistema” Vladimir Yevtushenko), then its real estate development business for the debts taken over by VTB. Mitvol is partner Jakubowski business in the suburbs, owning 5% of the company, said in an interview he Jakubowski.

In addition to Mitvol, Jakubowski sand, walks on a yacht in Italy is now engaged in the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, published in his Instagram photo taken, according to the sign, near the island of Maddalena, near Sardinia.


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