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Oleg Rudnova colleagues: “As if, end of an era in the profession …” – Jourdain – News Media

Oleg Rudnova colleagues: "As if, end of an era in the profession …" – Jourdain – News Media

Media Community Petersburg suffered a great loss. 67, died the head of the Baltic Media Group Oleg Rudnov. Known Petersburg media manager died after a long illness in one of the foreign clinics. According to the “Baltinfo” Oleg Rudnov was in those days abroad, where suddenly worsened his condition. Chapter BMG taken to a foreign clinic, where he died three days later, on January 9.

Colleagues Rudnova, St. Petersburg told about the media manager, about his personal and professional qualities, as well as the possible future of his creation – the Baltic media group.

Andrew Radin, Chairman of the Committee for Press and Public Relations of the Leningrad region:

When a man dies it means too much. He was the founder of the radio station Baltika, which formed the basis of the Baltic Media Group. And the last resource, which it acquired in 2006, it was the TV channel 100TV – a powerful structure that he created. His departure for the group – an irreparable loss. I was shocked by the news. I worked with him a lot, do not always have the concurring opinion, but he did a lot of good for me, for my family and for my professional development. But the most important thing he has done a lot for the city and the elderly veterans. Organized and thought out every possible actions that could make the lives of people survived the siege, more bearable. He organized a trip through the newspapers in the bath for veterans who have no home and hot water bath. He came up with the project “36 square meters”, which is “punched” apartments to the needy. He did a lot of things. TV channel 100, to which I was involved i n a lot of time, evolved from a small cable channel into a powerful and influential political life because of it. If one sentence to say that Oleg Rudnov was a controversial figure, but he was a good man.

Maxim Reznik, deputy Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg:

I am shocked by what had happened. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. I think this is a great loss not only for the media space, but also for the whole of St. Petersburg. Oleg Rudnov was a man who symbolized the segment information market or the media community, which was independent from the municipal authorities. Of course, the Baltic Media Group as a whole and in particular television channel 100TV – a huge phenomenon in these times. This is a great loss not only for his family, but for all, including those who did not know him personally, but he knew that the presence of independent city government television in what remains today 100TV channel and BMG in Overall, this is the most important factor of the normal development of the city. So I am sorry, first of all, about a man whose work I greatly appreciated in this space. I’m starting to think already, like many, probably, people, what will happen with the media group, the person that he always was. In our time, the survival of the independent media from government agencies is a very difficult art, heavy and hard work, which he did. I am distressed and as a person and as a citizen, and as a deputy. I am shocked occurred.

Andrei Konstantinov, General Director of “Agency of Journalistic Investigations»:

In these situations is always difficult to say something. In addition to being a human being sad … We were in a good “neighborly” relations. And this news stunned. I saw him for the last time at the Award Ceremony of the Government of St. Petereburga just before the New Year, we could not talk then. But was not at the time of this event is predoschuscheniya. Oleg Rudnov was one of the leading players in the mediapolyane St. Petersburg. He is one of the largest media groups. He was a private man enough – not “plowing soul.” But at the same time, understanding and loving listening. It seemed to me that he runs his empire often in manual mode. Often the feeling that it closes on itself and personnel policies, and content. Colleagues talked about his many hours of briefing. If this were true, then this empire will be very difficult to survive now considering in principle difficult time. One of the features of manual control in the event of force majeure, it is very difficult to find an adequate replacement. Then there are questions of inheritance. It is heavy and may affect future position of the pieces on the board event. He had a large number of very influential friends above city level. Probably a lot of copper in the group will depend on how these people will behave in relation to his heir.

In journalistic circles often said that he was going abroad to receive medical treatment. A phrase heard repeatedly, but it is not clear how much is true. Externally to be seen what had something wrong.

Colleagues Baltic media group and his family to express their condolences. Good luck and overcome this difficult period. Hold on, guys!

Alexander Korshak, journalist

It was a bright, interesting person with a great sense of humor and brilliant intellect. With it you can laugh at any joke, it could der zit, if something is not satisfied. Of course, he was a real pro. As in the movie “Radio Day” hero Mikhail Kozyrev rose when called Emmanuel Gedeonovich, and I jumped up from his chair whenever he called at 8 am on Sunday, or 23 hours on a Friday or a car parked in the wrong place when it Up caught me while driving.

He always looked ether and was aware of all the nuances. He was a journalist with an amazing flair and talent. I was asked, is it possible to talk while sitting, and I said – you can not, there is a person of such a scale that can not convey. I can not say, sit. Last time we talked on the phone on December 31, he was going to come back after the holidays. And the voice was calm and self-possessed, as if everything is in order …

Today, for me, like, end of an era in the profession.

Rudnov Oleg Konstantinovich born December 26, 1948 in Leningrad. He graduated from the journalism faculty of Leningrad State University. In 1990, he founded and headed the first in St. Petersburg commercial radio stations with 100 percent Russian capital – radio “Baltika”. During the 1991 coup “Baltika” was the only way out of the St. Petersburg radio station on the air, through which the city mayor Anatoly Sobchak spoke to the citizens. In summer 2004 Rudnov created holding “Baltic Media”, in which he became president. The holding includes channel stations, radio “Baltika”, the Baltic news agency, the newspaper “Neva time”, “Evening Petersburg”, “Evening time” and “Change”. Since November 2005 – Member of the Board and co-owner of TRC “Petersburg – Channel 5″.

Editorial ZhurDoma brings its condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Oleg Konstantinovich Rudnova

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